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Placement Agencies

Wojo guarantees an effective search process, at the end of which you will find the most suitable job for you or the most suitable employee. With a placement agency like Wojo you are sure to get a comprehensive solution for every need.

Did you know? "An entry level Software Engineer's average salary is ten thousand shekels"

Looking for a job in the high-tech field?

Today's employment world requires smart work placement and optimized position detection. This is our specialty.

Looking for a job in the Forex field?

Today's employment world requires smart work placement and optimized position detection. This is our specialty.

Looking for a job in the Digital Marketing field?

Today's employment world requires smart work placement and optimized position detection. This is our specialty.

When we think of the term 'placement agencies' we imagine an entity that invests all its energies for you. An entity that aspires to answer all your requests and fulfill all your desires since it is clear to us that this is the only way to achieve a successful placement process. Contrary to manpower agencies, in our company the service is especially comprehensive and dedicated to a single purpose – to give you exactly what you are looking for within a short period of time. Our desire is to offer you all the tools for success and this is exactly what we are offering you: to stand out, to be target-oriented and to make sure you grip the job you have been dreaming of or meeting the employee you have always wanted on your side.

Wojo is always at your disposal for any matter and will be glad to provide you with high-quality service as it has been providing dozens and hundreds of clients till now.
This is how placement agencies work nowadays – they focus on the client – on you.

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You want to know what salary you deserve?

In today's employment world requires smart work placement and job finding work adapted requested. This is our specialty.

Recommendations from satisfied customers

I started working in high-tech thanks to WoJo excellent conditions and the possibility of promotion!

Avner Zadok,
RS Technologies Inc.

The comprehensive service provided by Wojo reflects a modern approach which characterizes the entire company: an approach according to which placement agencies in today's world must specialize in every field and every matter related to the labor market and expose the client to all desirable jobs on the market at every given moment.

Wojo is a placement agency that aspires to provide the best service to every client, whether a job seeker or an employer, in order to make the perfect match between the parties as quickly as possible. As part of this perception, we provide exceptional service to our clients – the job seeker does not have to pay anything throughout the process, the employer who is looking for employees receives a period of warranty prior to finding the suitable candidate, personal service, provided according to our unique method, which guarantees effectiveness, professionalism, and time saving. All of the above makes it worthwhile for you to work with us.

We realize how tiresome and frustrating a job search might be so we do everything in our power to make it much simpler, giving personal attention to our clients, spotting and offering them the most desirable jobs whenever they are interested.

So what are the differences between agencies and manpower agency?

Job agency

There are some differences between the agencies agencies. The main difference concerns the correlation between employee data job description: While agencies may 'match' jobseeker job that does not require experience or college education some agencies are concerned to adapt as much as possible the job search requirements of the employee, knowing that this will increase the chances that the person his work will remain in place for many years - the interest of all.

An employment agency

Beyond that, agencies did not always carry out a strict selection process when choosing employees, whatever time increases the mismatch between workers and jobs offered to him. But it seems most significant difference is the employment conditions: an employee who was hired through a placement agency, makes his first day as a regular employee, just like all other workers received work place. In personnel, however, is defined as a worker in the early months of the manpower company itself, while the company where he works does not comply with employer-employee relationship. Only after a certain period you decide now where he is employed to accept it as a regular employee - which means that over the first few months is a kind of trial period, the end of which it may receive notice of termination of his employment there.

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